Susie Homemaker Strikes Again

When I was pregnant with my oldest 24 years ago, my friend Eve was pregnant with her second. She needed to get rid of a couch to make room in her apartment for her second baby. It was a grey cotton couch.  It was the perfect couch  for us, about to become parents, because it came pre-stained with baby Tylenol. After many years we got a new couch and tried to get rid of Eve’s couch.  Housingworks sent two men to pick up the couch. They refused to take it. They said that it was to worn out for them to sell in their thrift store. We kept the couch.

After several more years I recovered the couch with a mix of marked down upholstery fabrics in colors and patterns that looked good together. Eventually, the new couch began to look shabby. I have been slowly recovering that couch as well. I still haven’t done the back cushions, but I have done all of the seat cushions

Last night I noticed that the old arm protectors had gotten really shabby. I made new ones today. I also noticed that one of the pillows that came with the couch was also decrepit looking.  I made a new cover for the pillow.
pillow (1)
The photo shows the new pillow, the new arm protector, the teal of the original couch and the maroon and teal re-covered couch cushion.

I like that my slap dash method lets me complete work as I see fit. I also like that it’s a fairly thrifty way to get the sofas looking nice. From time to time I purchase more upholstery fabric that works in the mix. my couches keep evolving as time marches on.


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