Feeling an Affinity with Cloistered Nuns

Lots of wonderful European hand work was embroidered by cloistered nuns. Probably , most of those women lost their vision doing  that beautiful work.

maya beading

maya beading (3)

I’m working away on Maya’s tallit.The beading needle has a really teeny eye. The gold beads are miniscule.

Aside from giving me an opportunity to worry about the state of my eyesight, I love how layering the stars, with the paint, the stitching and the beads and sequins creates a layered look to the cosmos that I’m trying to depict on Maya’s tallit.

maya beading (1)


The twinkly sequins will catch the eyes of people even in the back of Maya’s synagogue. The fact that the high octane sparkle is sprinkled , rather than paved over the entire surface actually increases  their impact. I have lots more to do.

maya beading (2)


I did manage to slice my finger on yet another X-acto knife.   I did  not bleed on Maya’s tallit.

Yesterday, I heard about the death of our friend Peter, a wonderful man who didn’t quite believe in his very real strengths. You can read about him here. http://www.tabletmag.com/life-and-religion/87555/stark-loss/ Barukh Dayan HaEmet, Blessed be the True Judge. It’s just so sad.


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