Yet, another machine

Today, I took a new machine into my life. My friend Sara, was in the studio audience of the Rosie O’ Donnell. You can see her talking about it here.

Sara had kept the machine in her apartment, unopened for the last four years. I bought the machine from Sara and brought it home this afternoon in my shopping cart.

I decided to try out the machine on the ribbon I purchased for the Bein Gavra. This is what I ended up with. You can see what the ribbon looked like before I began.

So now, I am completely ready to get rid of two sewing machines. The first is a 1973 Sears Kenmore Zig- Zag machine. It is a real work horse. You could probably drop it from my window on the 6th floor and it would survive the drop unscathed. 

The other is an early 1990’s Pfaff. It’s a wonderful machine but it needs a new motor. I can also send you the the sewing machine repair genius. If you want either machine, let me know and name your price.


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