Curtain Season


Curtain making used to terrify me. I used to be pretty terrible at it. In the last chunk of time though I have made LOTS of curtains. This week I made two.

A few months ago I had made these black and white curtains for my bedroom. We had a set of mini-blinds hanging behind the curtains. I had purchased the mini- blinds at Target about ten years ago. They broke last weekend. My ever thrifty husband suggested that he could repair the cord that had broken from sheer exhaustion. I appreciated the thought. but after several days of the blinds hanging askew, I decided to take action.

The lace you see here had been our dining room curtain  a long time ago. I thought that one panel of the lace, un-gathered could diffuse the light and give us a bit of privacy. This was really quick. My husband who prefers things plain, like this look as well.

I made two sets of curtains for my daughter’s apartment.  Perhaps I can get her to send me photos so I can post them here.  My son has been complaining about the lights from the building next door disturbing his sleep. I bought him a sleep mask but curtains seem like a more sensible solution. my son chose this plain red kettle-cloth from my stash. It reminded me of the way people furnished boys’ rooms when I was a kid. I covered the stitching line both at the header and at the hem with striped twill tape.

All of these curtains were quick work.
jed curtain3


  1. Well done. over here it is common to have lace net curtains like that. Some are a lot more sheer. Depends on how much you are overlooked by your neighbour. Then you draw the main curtains in the evening so people don't see in.

    I like the red ones, too. For some reason my son decided red was not a boy colour. somethings aren't worth arguing about.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Our neighbors are four lanes of traffic and a median strip away. You just need to obscure things a bit. Our big issue is light in the morning, actually I ought to say, my husband's big issue is the light in the morning.

    My son's bedroom is painted a rich sapphire blue so the red is a nice muscular color in there.

    But I'm glad you like the look.


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