Cooking and sewing

Here is Tess’s atara.  I’m pretty pleased.

center of the atara

and now the entire tallit

I still have to make the pinot/corner pieces.. I dyed the silk but have to make them and sew them on.

I also cooked today. The challah that  here you see rising

is now baked.

Today is Caveman Shabbat at our house.

beef ribs

chicken wings
Our guest is someone who is nearly family. You need to be really comfortable with your guests when you have Caveman Shabbat. Yes, there will be vegetable matter at this meal, another take on last week’s winter salad.
The completed Bein Gavra
The Bein Gavra gets presented at services tomorrow. A big weekend. Shabbat Shalom to all.


  1. We do all-meat meals for the men in the family. Have you seen the ads that say salad just means meat is coming soon? That is what my guys think. They would have loved the ribs and chicken wings. Hope you are having happy holidays! TC

  2. You do gorgeous work.
    The food looks pretty good too!

  3. Mermie -

    The food was great. I loved seeing how happy it made the kids. Our guest was a good sport too. In our house meat+ bones = party time.

    The tallit was really well recieved...despite, or perhaps because of all of the drama involved.

    TC-- wishing happy holidays back at you!!!We all need a good year!


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