Being a Good Mother- All Day

This is what I gave my youngest for lunch.

Inside the foil wrapped package is a cheddar cheese sandwich on home baked challah. The eye balls and lips are left over from Halloween. This image made me laugh all day long.

Meanwhile, my daughter has an interview tomorrow at DVF. She called me to help her put together an outfit that would work for who they are. Of course, my daughter does not own any DVF  clothing.

My daughter is interviewing for an internship in accessories. We looked at the current line of scarves online.  ( the DVF images from

We also looked at the dresses.

They had a late 1970’s vibe. My daughter didn’t own quite the right dress. I did have a dress that a neighbor had given me that was the right look. My daughter tried it on. It looked dowdy.  I  ran the dress through the serger cutting the dress down by a couple of inches at each side seam.

The result was this:
Dena DVF

My daughter was happy with the reshaped dress. I had made the infinity scarf from a remnant at Metro Textiles. You can see the silver belt through the scarf, it was mine in high school. The chunky bracelet was a gift from my cousin.  My daughter is pleased with the look.


  1. I hope they are suitably impressed! She looks good.
    crossed fingers for the job.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I was delighted that she was willing to trust my fashion judgement. I also loved how we were able to create the look essentially for nothing.

    I had thought for a long time that alterations were beyond my skill set. I'm learning as I keep having to cut down clothing for my DD that I can at least fake it.

    I too hope that she gets this. Thanks for your good wishes Sandy.


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