A Morning with Martha

Last week, my friend Sara invited me to join her to be part of the studio audience at the Martha Stewart show. I am actually not a big fan of Martha’s for several reasons. One of the things that has consistently bothered me about both her crafts and her cooking is that she leaves you with the mistaken impression that what she attempts to do is easy.

One of the ways that she does this is by glossing over the more complicated tasks in completing a project. Rather than leaving a person empowered, the mere mortal that attempts to follow her directions feels like a failure, through no fault of their own.

The other thing that makes me nuts about Martha crafts is how cavalier she is about using really expensive materials aimed towards a beginner. I remember a project for a cashmere blanket in the early days of the magazine where the cashmere cost over $100/yard. All beginners are nervous when attempting a project. Starting out using such expensive materials would paralyze me.her recent book showed a cute beginner sewing project for a skirt, using Ultra-suede. The directions neglected to inform uses that it costs about $50 per yard.

Yes, I had also read the slightly nasty tell all that tells that she isn’t a particularly nice person.

The show is run, as one might expect, like a well run factory. The set is spectacular.
Martha, as one might expect, glows and gleams when the camera is on her and becomes somewhat sullen faced when the light is not shining on her.

All members of the studio audience get goodie bags when they leave.marthapaint2
We got paints, which I will use ( Sara gave me her set.). A spray paint attachment which does not work. Bulbs which Sara is giving to a friend and a Michael’s gift certificate

It was a fun way to spend a morning.


  1. I took her sewing/crafts book out of the library and I certainly wouldn't buy it. I had the same complaints that you do about it being very superficial and for the uninitiated she does take something that is not easy and makes it seem like it's a piece of cake without very detailed instructions. I wouldn't want to be some beginner trying to replicate one of her projects.

  2. Nancy - I find that Martha's directions are often like recipies given out by certain women of a controlling nature where they make sure to leave out ingredients or a step to ensure that you fail.


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