A Day Out

After several days of temperatures in the low three digits, we are now back to relatively balmy weather in the low 90’s. My husband took the opportunity to go to the beach. I take medications that make beach going fairly unpleasant so instead I decided to go to the Met.

a sign at the ticket counter informed visitors that the wait to get into the Alexander McQueen exhibit was two hours long. I wasn’t that dying to see that exhibit so decided to do the museum in my favorite way, aimlessly wandering through the galleries stopping only at the pieces I love. The modern galleries had a room with early 20th century decorative art.

Here is Calder’s neckpiece that I believe is called The Jealous Husband. I have a crush on Calder. I especially love his jewelry. I love how you can see his hands at work. I adore his sense of humor. This piece shared a vitrine with
met visit (1)
met visit (2)
This very elegant Lalique necklace. You can click on any of the photos to see them larger.
met visit (4)
This French Art Deco table is covered with light green shark skin. I love the texture.
met visit (6)
I have never seen this Matisse fireplace surround that used to be in Nelson Rockefeller’s apartment. it’s nice to have enough money to be able to commission Matisse to do a bit or interior design work in your apartment.
met visit (7)
Don’t you just love this iron gate???
met visit (8)
This painting was painted just a bit north of my house. Our storage locker was just down the block.
met visit (12)
I found the crowds in the museum to be a bit overwhelming. So I walked north on Madison Avenue. I passed stores that sold what I think of as clothing for children who live in really expensive orphanages.
met visit (16)
These are clothes that mothers buy for their daughters thinking that they are chic. Little girls will find secret  ways to render these dresses unwearable. Little girls tend to want dresses that look like bon-bons.
met visit (18)met visit (17)

Some nice Art Deco details from the bus stop.


  1. thank you. I enjoyed going to the museum with you!

  2. I go to the Met every time I visit NYC (which is not often enough!). Interestingly the scrolled iron gate has really inspired me... it would be a fabulous basis for a free form crochet piece... a scarf or a blanket... in the blacks and greys with touches of off white for contrast. I can see it now!!!

  3. Kathleen!! Let me know waht the finished piece looks like. i would love to se it.

    I've been slow about figuring out how to use the camera for photos other than my work. hopefully now the camera will come out with me more often.


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