What you get when you are nice to your mother

My youngest leaves for camp in a few days. He needed five more pairs of boxer shorts. I have deadlines for my clients.  My son mentioned how much he loves the silk boxers I had made for him. his face got all wistful as he talked about how comfortable they are.

The silk for his boxers is from the Robert Talbott tie factory. Robert Talbott makes beautiful ties. A few years ago, www.fabricmartfabrics  was selling bundles of Robert Talbott silks.  I bought several bundles. My boys own several pairs of boxers made from the luxurious silks.


I made three pairs of boxers out of the silk and two out of a very soft very bright orange cotton shirting. My son was impressed with the smooth hand of the fabric.


I don’t use a pattern for the boxers, I usually copy an existing pair. This was no exception. These boxers have no side seams and a crotch gusset.



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