I am writing this post not from my New York home, but rather from the business center of a hotel in Florida. We flew down today. Our flight was on Nickle and Dime Airways. It wasn't quite as skeevy as taking inter- city busses was in the 1970's but not a whole lot better. There seem not to be out and out bums flying these days. I suppose that is a plus. It means that the planes are on the whole less smelly than the busses in the old days. Nickle and Dime charges for's quite something.

I know I risk sounding like a complete old fogie here, I don't expect people to necessarily to dress up for a flight. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I don't wear my pajamas out of the house. Seems to me if you are obese and elderly, wearing a tank top, skimpy shorts and no bra, maybe not such a good idea. It could be  that my style sense is skewed after spending my morning at a funeral at Temple Emmanuel. But then again, maybe not.


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