Shaun’s tallit complete!!!

Well, here it is. I’m really pleased.

My neighbor thinks that it looks like it came out of Pompeii. I love that despite the wild color combinations it’s actually a pretty calm piece.
Shaun's tallit close

I hadn’t planned on the stenciled stripes. I wasn’t happy with how high the stripes were on the tallit, so I added first the purple stripe and then the terracotta one. I had purchased the stencil for the “Old Shul” tallit. I used a mixture of silver acrylic paint and finely powdered metallic in bronze for the stencil.I wanted a soft, slightly faded image.Shaun's tallit- pinot
All of the elements work together well. The mix of wild elements reminds me of my older son’s Hebrew school class. The kids were all really mouthy. One would have expected them to be really snotty to one another and to their teachers. Instead , they were kind and supportive of one another. They were outrageous and really funny but worked well in a group.

One might have expected this tallit to be clown-like with it’s riot of reds. Instead it is grand in a funky way.  I will ship it off to Shaun on Monday.


  1. Sarah, I love my tallit! Thank you for creating this gorgeous masterpiece. And thank you to Frances for giving me this gift.


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