Food Friday–Spring time!!!!

It’s been a hard and snowy winter. The temperature has been bouncing all over the thermometer. Today was a high point on the temperature bouncing.  it hit the mid 1970’s. While I was out shopping for Shabbat dinner, the sun was out, it was warm and not at all muggy. The few times we experience such perfect weather, I always wonder how many days of such weather we would need annually here in New York before we became as mellow as Californians.

Both the balmy weather and last night’s dinner made me want to serve food that was light and springy. My youngest turned 15 yesterday. he requested that we take him to Deli Casba, a local kosher grill. My son and his best friend each ordered a platter  of ribs. My husband and I each ordered a burger. I guess we are both used to lower fat food but we both felt awful after our meals.


So tonight ( aside from challa) I’m service a first course of mezze, including the marinated cucumber/carrot salad pictured above, store bought  taboule, stuffed grape leaves and hummus.

For the main course, chicken cooked with herbes Provençal and balsamic vinegar, a chicory and escarole salad with mandarin oranges and almonds ( I need the bitter greens to counteract last night’s dinner) and couscous.

One of our guest is bringing dessert.



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