Feeling Sewing Machine Love

This is my sewing machine. It's a Janome 11590. You can buy it for about $150. It's a great machine. I chose a soft focus image because it conveys a bit of how much I love this machine.

 I had bought it in a moment of desparation when my usual machine seems to have died. I bought this machine as a stop gap measure until I got my other machine fixed. I would have been satisfied with a machine that was just  not terrible.

This machine is so terrific that I still haven't repaired the old machine. I feel especially fond of the machine when I do long lines of decorative stitching. The purple silk diamond stitching above steetches across about 45 inches of tallit stripe. I did four, 45 inch rows of that stitch with silk thread. The machine never balked. The thread never broke. My old machine had to be coaxed and coddled to produce long rows of  decorative stitching.  I never have to worry with this machine.

Sometimes you need to spend big bucks to get a great machine. But not always.


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