DIY- turtleneck to cardi conversion

The local Salvation Army was having a half-price sale. ( Hurray!!!)  I picked up several cashmere sweaters. None cost more than $6. My husband got an orange v-necked sweater that was too big for him, so I serged it down to his size. The sweater looked awful on him until it was altered. Now it looks pretty spiffy.

I loved the color of this periwinkle blue cashmere turtleneck. I don't wear turtlenecks all that often, because like most New York apartments, my apartment is often over heated. If I were living back in Boston, I would be wearing turtlenecks all the time.

I knew I would be cutting the sweater open to make a cardigan. I just wasn't sure how I would edge it. I went with a fold over elastic. For those of you who don't sew, that's the satiny elastic that often is used to edge polar-fleece. I'm not sure if I love the edging. It will do for now. If I come up with a more clever idea I will replace the elastic with something cuter.

I have reached the point where I'm sick of winter and don't want to wear my winter coats any more despite it's being cold out. When I went out for a walk, I layered my new cardigan over a merino wool one and wore a leather jacket and a big scarf over the whole thing. That way, I can pretend that it's springtime.

The tutorial follows. If any of it is unclear, let me know and I can clarify.

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  1. thanks actually for describing fold over elastic. If you live where you haven't had opportunity to see any, but hang out on lists where everyone seems to be using it, it is difficult to work out if you really need it in your life! :)
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Sandy...if you have lived this long without can probably manage withoug. But it is nice to have around. I picked up a giant industrial sized spool at a notions store that was going out of business. As I type this I'm wearing a t- shirt I had made with velvet fold over elastic at the neckline. It's an easy and professional looking edge finish. But one can live a fulfilling sewing life with out it. ( Asyou have)


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