Building a Wedding Sash


S and I met at a family celebration when we were both in elementary school. For a few years we were pen pals but we had lost touch. The Rosh Ha Shanah right after 9/11 we accidentally found ourselves sitting next to each other in synagogue. We were delighted to find one another again.

S is getting married later on in the spring. She found a wonderful dress  and I’m making the sash to go with. The ribbon is grosgrain. the rhinestones are vintage WWII era rhinestones from Czechoslovakia. I found them at Margola on 37th street. Margola is moving to Englewood , N.J. at the end of the month. In searching the district for these rhinestones I have looked at lots of them. None had as much sparkle as these vintage crystals.

I'm having fun figuring out the placement of the stones and stitching them to the ribbon with gold thread.


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