pillowcase DIY

Two summers ago, when we were in Santa Barbara visiting family, we were introduced to Art from Scrap http://www.artfromscrap.org/. Art from Scrap accepts donations of random materials that people can buy to create into art works. My youngest bought himself a “Miss Hawaiian Tan “trophy that e later used as the inspiration for a truly hilarious Purim costume. I bought leather pieces some of which are now belts.

My daughter chose remnants of rayon. We had thought that we would turn them into pillow cushions for her dorm room. We never quite got to that project. But in organizing her room we found the scraps. My daughter thought that the rayon might make some nice pillow cases that would look nice with her duvet cover. I was happy to obliged.making the pillowcases on the serger is really quick work, like 5 minutes per pillow case. I used an existing pillow case as my pattern.

To make a pillowcase

1-measure and cut one piece of fabric 2x the width of an existing pillow case and the length of the case from bottom to the border piece
2- measure and cut a contrasting piece  2x the width and 2x the length of the border.
3- fold border piece in 1/2  and serge to the main pillow case piece
4- fold in 1/2 wrong sides out , what you have should look like a pillow case wrong side out. beginning at the border end serge down the long side and then along the bottom of the pillowcase.
5- turn right side out
6- admire your pillowcase

The rayon is really soft and will be nice to have next to her face.


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