A gift

The beautiful  pearls, a gift to me  from my daughter. She bought them for me at the pearl market in Beijing. My daughter bought me half a strand so I could make gifts for myself or for people I love. the dark beads glow red when light shines through them.

Another gift was made today, but won’t be shared here.  Most of today was an exercise in frustration with various bits of technology being difficult, and otherwise behaving badly.

Not every day is a glorious one.


  1. something to cheer up your week. I was given a blog award that wasn't the sugary type and thought I would pass it on to you as well.
    Pass it on if you like.
    Have a good week. :)
    Sandy in the UK
    GLAD I am not in a snow country now. I am enjoying daffodil spears poking up and snowdrops beginning to bloom. Oh yeah and rain and howling gales, but at least it isn't snow!


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