Supermarket Happiness

The supermarket closest to my house was an ordeal to shop at. The prices were mostly better than anywhere else, except for the prices that were jacked up to crazy levels. The aisles were super narrow, so narrow that shopping was not only about acquiring food, but also involved a negotiation with every other customer in the store. The cashiers were nearly all either indifferent or actively rude.

Each time I went to the market I would complain. I thought of it the same way that my mother did the little grocery store in our town, the only one that carried Jewish products. My mother called it “Thedirtyfilthydisgustingstore”.

My local dirtyfilthydisgustingstore opened a new store two blocks north of it’s old location. Yes, the old location is still in business. The new store is a two level store with an elevator and an escalator. A store employee greets you at the door. The new store is clean and the staff is actually helpful. It’s a little shocking for those of us used to the old store

My oldest is home from college. She goes to a fancy college in a fancy town. While my daughter loves the education she receives at her fancy college , she does miss the ethnic diversity of our neighborhood.  We are prone to buy food in the market (if it is marked kosher) and amuses us. So packaged food that we have no idea exactly what it is often comes home with us. Hey, life is an adventure.

Chitlins and Kosher turkey, neighbors in my supermarket freezer

My daughter came to the new digs of the dirty filthy store. they have a wide array of kosher products…and besides, after the gross version of the market, seeing the fancy version is quite an adventure.We picked up some passion fruit flavored Tic Tacs from Israel. We bought soft onion rolls filled with wet onions from Brooklyn, we got a few containers of Sabor Latino Yogurt, we bought collard greens for me to cook for dinner.

The freezer though showed something stupendous. A giant package of chitlins next to a kosher turkey. I love grocery shopping in New York.


  1. Oh lordy, chitlins - please don't even think of those things! Smell?? My gracious, you can't even think of something that smells as bad as they do cooking - your neighbors will insist you have the exterminator, eradicator, and every kind of ". . . ator" you can think of. Plus, they might make you move out or something! Happy Holidays is a good basic kosher turkey or something similar!
    soooo happy holidays to you and your family! Martha Ann

  2. Thank goodness the chitlins were frozen so i didn't get to fully enjoy them.

    I'm actually doing a big dinner on Christmas eve...but of course, it's a Friday night..just the usual Shabbat dinner.


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