First of the year

Tonight is the first candle of Chanukah. I am not a big fan of latkes, but I decided to do right by my family.

My youngest once went three years without eating a fruit or vegetable. He will now eat vegetables medicinally. I made this batch of latkes with a parsnip and about half of a celery root along with the potatoes. It tastes like latkes, and not like a healthy faux version.

Sort of Healthy Latkes3 medium sized potatoes
1 medium parsnip
1/2 a celery root

Shred potatoes and parsnip in food processor. Use the large grinding blade for the celery root. Put all vegetables in a bowl of water for several minutes ( to keep potato from turning that weird pink color). Line a colander with a dish towel. Put vegetables into colander then squeeze out all of the moisture. Return to bowl
then add

3 eggs
Break into bowl. Add a few tablespoons of flour and lots of salt and pepper.

Fry in olive oil. Drain on brown paper.

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My older son also used to reject vegetables. I got him to love vegetables by mixing root vegetables into chopped meat. At first I used to sneak them in. Eventually I told him that his meat was adulterated with "stealth vegetables". After a while he began to request some of the stealth vegetables. Maybe it will work with my youngest. As Chanukah reminds us, there can always be miracles.

Post Script added after dinner:

Miracles do happen. My youngest ate those latkes. In fact, he ate most of the batch. I'm making more tomorrow.


  1. Happy Chanukah! We aren't having latkes tonight because my dd is arriving from Korea tonight. We'll light candles when she and my dh get home but latkes will have to weight. Once a year is more than enough, that's for sure.

  2. I'm about to do my second batch.

    Enjoy Chanukah with your daughter!


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