The Most Boring Dress in the World

is sometimes the one you need to make the most. Every closet needs it's share of memorable clothes. But what one really needs, is truly boring garments that you can wear over and over again in various combinations.

Boring dress worn with fun new belt

This purple tank dress qualifies as a perfect boring dress. It's a simple tank dress made out of a pique` knit, much like you might find in a Lands' End polo. It isn't a fabric one gets ecstatic about when one finds it in a fabric store. It's a boring, comfortable, serviceable, fabric. The color is dark and quiet as well.

This dress, however will be worn constantly. If I wore this dress to synagogue every week for a year ( as I did with a previous ideal boring dress), no one would notice. But I may very well get compliments on what I was wearing, week after week.

Every closet needs lots of  boring clothes.

Boring dress worn with boring grey wool cardigan and a big belt

I used a favorite summer tank dress in an optically challenging print as my guide. The summer dress fits snugly and is made out of a very stretchy fabric. I needed this dress to be cut slightly larger to make up for the fact that this fabric had relatively little stretch. So I placed the dress folded in half a few inches from the fold of the fabric to give me a bit more room.How did I know exactly how far from the fold to place the dres???  I didn't. I made an educated guess. I suppose if I were better at math, I could quantify the calculations I made to arrive at exactly the amount to add at the center front. Those calculations were made but in the same way that I know how much  flour to add to a batch of bread.In other words, If you use this method, you may make some errors in youur calculations as you start out but just get better at it as you keep trying.This is one of the reasons it's so nice to work with Fabric Mart Bundles, an error just isn't a disaster. If I mess up I can guiltlessly toss the error, or keep it around to figure out a solution some other time.

 I edited as I cut the fabric, lowering the arm-holes and the front neckline. I serged the dress together and then turned and top stitched all of the raw edges. Beginning to end, this dress took about 20 minutes. The fabric came from a Fabric Mart mystery bundle where you get 10 yards of fabric for $15. So for an investment of about $2 in fabric and 20 minutes of time I have a dress that I will wear to death.
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Boring dress worn with just the big belt


  1. I was just thinking about this in my closet this morning. I was putting on this great dress in an amazing fabric and thought, "I need to make this dress in lots of plain colors." The dress is just a simple knit sheath dress and I can imagine I would wear the heck out of it if I made some "boring" ones ;-)


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