Food Friday - but posted a couple of days late late

Wet chicken with root vegetables, cranberries and one dried pepper
As I was cooking Shabbat dinner this week, I realized that I tend to think of cooking in big broad categories. Generally, I cook chicken dry, that is, baked or roasted uncovered in the oven. I can throw in any of a variety of ingredients, so it may taste different but the basic cooking technique is the same week after week.

My sister tends to cook chicken wet, that is cooked covered in a pot on top of the stove. This week, I was in the mood for wet chicken. I suppose most people would call it a stew. My wet chicken was made up of onions, celery, some beautiful parsnips, potatoes and some of the gravy from last week's chicken and about a cup of cranberries. My husband was away in California for most of the week, visiting his father and sister. He brought me some dried peppers as a gift. I added a pepper to the pot as well. I was unsure how hot the pepper was, so I just added one. I thought that the fruity hot flavor would be pretty good. It turns out that the pepper wasn't hot at all, but the stew was good, even without the soft warm hot pepper undertones I was anticipating.


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