Yesterday, my husband and I planned to go swimming at the city pool on 25th street. We hadn't realized that it was closed. We decided to take advantage of the fact that out kids weren't with us and do the many antique stalls in the garage near 6th avenue. During the week, it's a garage but on the weekends it's two floors of antique vendors. Our kids hate going antiquing.

On our walk east, we passed this dress making dummy store. I had to take a photo.

Among the various goods offered in the garage, there were lots of clothes. Mad Men is making the 1960's Balenciaga influenced egg shaped coats in mohair look wonderful. I also saw lots of heavily beaded cashmere shells from the mid 1960's. I own two, this may be the year to wear them again. I may have to resist doing the twist when I wear those tops.

It's funny, after watching Mad Men, some of the clothing that had seemed too awful to even think about is seeming interesting. As I went through the racks of clothing, even some early double knit dresses had a certain amount of cool.

I realized after I got dressed today in a stretch corduroy sheath with jewel neck collar that I'm having a mid 1960's moment myself. It might be time for a bouffant.

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