A Small Museum Adventure

My oldest son wanted to go see the Roy Lichtenstein  drawings show at the Morgan Library. My son is leaving for Israel for his Army stint in less than two weeks. I'm not likely to say no to very much  that he might ask for these days. So if he asks to do something that I would love to do anyway, I'm delighted.

Until today I had a vague fondness for Lichtenstein's work. He was among the first artists whose work I could identify as a little kid. My parents took me to several Pop Art shows when I was five or six. Later on, when I was at brandeis, their Rose Art Museum had several nice examples of his work.

From the Art Institute of Chicago
My son is really into comic books, which is, I assume the appeal of the show to him.  This show at the Morgan really brought out how laugh out loud Lichtenstein was.

Seeing this exhibit was the equivalent of eating a small, really spicy delicious dish. It left us completely satisfied.


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