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Although I have always liked to work with my hands, and think of myself as an artist, I don't draw particularly well. I'm pretty good at design. Drawing is more of a challange for me. When I have to create something that actually looks like something out in the universe, I turn to Google Image to lend me a hand. I download the image I need, and then draw it over and over until my hand understands what to do. It is far easier for me to work from a two dimensional image, than from three dimensional real life.

Ella's tallit is made up of a water element, that's really easy for me to create, grapes, again, a no brainer, and grape leaves and wheat stalks. The wheat was easy to handle, the grape leaves gave me pause. I large photograph of a grape leaf was my guide and I painted all the grape leaves with a dry brush on the tallit.

Today I began filling in those grape leaves. I added salt to create darker areas that mimicthe puckered surface of a grape leaf. I'm feeling really pleased with myself.
I love how the wheat shows up in front of the grape leaves
Here are the leaves in outline only form
One side of the tallit, with my trusty little cup of salt.

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