More Rosh HaShanah prep

For many years, I ate either no meat or very little meat. Then I had kids. My oldest, as a teeny kid would go through months when meat had no appeal and then  inhale a huge quantity of meat. My older son has always adored meat.  One of my kids' favorite meal is one we call " Cave Man  Shabbat", it's beef ribs cooked  in barbecue sauce.

My repertoire of vegetarian meals has gotten quite small. One of our guests told me when she accepted my invitation that she is a vegan. When mulling over what to make,  I decided to make vegetarian stuffed cabbage, but I wanted it to have a meaty mouth feel. So ran a large onion, several celery ribs and lots of mushrooms through the food processor. I cooked the mixture on the stove in some olive oil, with a shot of booze to deepen the flavor. Then I added bulgher wheat as both as a thickener, and also because it feels like chopped meat. I spiced the mixture like I do chopped meat, and even added a shot of smoke flavored barbecue sauce as well as some chopped walnuts.

Vegan stuffed cabbage simmering away, it still has a few hours of simmering left to do.
I asked my youngest ,who eats vegetables only under duress to taste test for me. He thought that it tasted close to meat.Eureka!!!

Looks like meat...but it isn't


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