Diane and Sarah's Excellent Field Trip to the Printer

Twenty years ago, before the age of easy access graphics on desk top printers most neighborhoods had their local print shop to help folks put out their fliers and brochures and invitations.  Now that any idiot can put together a flier with nifty graphics there are fewer local printers.

Diane ( Noah's mom) asked for some help in finding a printer. The businesses I had used for previous invitations had closed their doors. I then looked through the yellow pages. There I found a familiar nae, that of a printer I had used in my days as Synagogue Program Director. I called them, to see if the invitation was the sort of job they were willing to do. They were. I set up an appointment for today.

Diane and I met on the corner where the printer used to be. Diane, who unlike me, has a cellphone found their new address and we quickly got to the right place.

Within a few minutes it was very clear that we were talking to someone who spoke our language, someone who understood the sort of  hand worked look we were going for, textured heavy ivory paper, nothing glitzy. Marissa from the printer kept pulling out examples of her work.They were all from neighborhood instutions that we like. They all looked just right, not too fancy, all appropriate for the scale of the event.

I liked how Marissa was more than comfortable working with the idea of a budget and could steer us in the right direction when we were thinking about spendy choices. We have all worked with vendors who manage to make you feel bad because you have a budget. It's lovely to work with a vendor who sees it as much of a choice as ink color.

It's always nice to work with an expert who can help me produce better work.


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