And now...improved....

The cushion for my Craigslist chair was outfitted with a quick and dirty temporary cover, made out of a tube of silk rubber-banded into a rosette. I finally got to finishing off the cushion. First I stab stitched around the piping on both sides. That gave a bit more definition to the pillow. I cut the center down hemmed it and gathered it tight with straight stitches. i was then left with a hole at the center of my cushion.

When my daughter went to China for the first time she brought back fabric for me. She bought me a meter of medallion brocade. The brocade medallions are traditionally used as appliques. I cut out a medallion, serged the edges, using the edge of the medallion as my stitching guide. The serger's presser foot was up against the edge of the design. ( I like to do things the easy way.)

Then I turned the serged edge and top-stitched it. It was easy work to hand stitch the medallion in the center of the cushion. There it is, done, and fairly simple to do as well.
A close up view of my fancy new cushion.
The cushion in it's quick and dirty phase of life.

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