Tabitha's dress --again and Food Friday

Tabitha tried on her dress a few weeks back. I had made it too small. The sleeve holes were too small. The dress was too short and the neck was too tight. Tabitha's mom loved the fabric. I unpicked the neckline elastic and asked my daughter to remove the bottom ruffle. I had fortunately, kept the remains of the shirtand cut strips off of the sleeve to extend the length of the dress.

I re cut the armholes so that Tabitha will have lots of room to move around.  I added elastic just at the front of the neckline. This version is a bit plainer but hopefully she will be happy to wear it. Tabitha and her parents are joining us for Friday night dinner.

Other preparations for tonight include chicken with portobello mushrooms and onions and white wine.  I sent my kids out to buy the vegetable portion of our meal. When my daughter asked me what she should buy..I told her that it was her choice.  She brought back string beans, mushrooms and onions and cucumber.  All great choices.

I also made kasha. Kasha was one of the iconic elements of Shabbat dinner when I was a kid. My father would a giant pot of it once every several weeks.He would package it all up into containers and freeze it. One  containers would come out of the freezer each Shabbat. Like many of the things my father made, I had thought it was difficult, until I tried to make it myself.

I put the kasha in a heavy bottomed pot along with a beaten egg. I then added the kasha and turned the heat up I stirred the kasha and egg and toasted it until the egg was dried on the kasha. I added packaged of chicken juice from last week's chicken and some water. Then i covered the pot and put it in the oven along with the chicken. After 15 minutes or so it was nearly done. It looked a bit soupy so I cooked the mixture on high on top of the stove for a few minutes until the extra water evaporated away. If I had bow-tie noodles in my pantry I would boil some up so we could have Kasha  with Varnishkes. But the plain kasha will have to suffice.

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