Pre Passover marathon

I had written a long detailed entry about all of the parts of my kitchen that are now sanitised for Passover, but it was just too boring to ask any one else to read.

I will however, make special note of my youngest and his help in pulling the fridge out of it's corner and his heroic work in cleaning out a particularly grotty corner of our home.

More scrubbing today for my shriveled, and sore hands enlivened by food shoppingand the purchase of a new hand-mixer because my old Passover one performs like a Victorian lady with the vapors. It works valiently for a while, and then just sighs from the sheer effort of existing. I think I need to replace the refined lady with a sturdy peasant girl of a hand mixer.

We all need to experience out own personal bondage to truly experience the liberation of Passover. My own personal bondage this year comes highly scented by "Senor Limpio", the Spanish labled Mr. Clean from the .99 cent store. I love Senor Limpio.


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