Food Friday

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. He is dreading this birthday ( actually,  he dreads all of them). We are going to a fund raising event tomorrow night at our synagogue so I suggested that tonight's dinner be part of his birthday celebration.

As per my husband's wishes, no guests. He  chose the menu. We have having beef, cooked into what we call "Stewart". He also requested potatoes roasted  in olive oil and spices. My older son usually makes this, but since he is in Jerusalem, I will make it instead. The first time he made it was for a Fathers' Day. I had to be away, so together, the kids and I planned a dinner for my husband. I bought the food, and my kids cooked. They made a massive steak, salad and these potatoes.

For tonight we  are also serving broccoli, a salad and olives.

My husband isn't much of a dessert person, so I will serve his favorite, blood oranges. Luckily, blood oranges are always in season at his birthday.

Yes there are gifts as well. But I won't divulge them until after tomorrow.


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