outside of Benjamin tallit bag constructed

The bag was looking a little stark to my eye. So I added some glitzier gold thread to both the circle around the moon and to the wolf. That addition seemed to have brightened up the bag enough so it no longer looked depressed.

My friend Sandy, commented that she liked the simplicity of the landscape. I liked it too, but it was just a bit too dour as it was. My Art History professors used to talk about balance in a painting. The bag just a bit off balance in it's deep darkness. I also added a blue seed bead for the wolf's eye. You can't see it in the photo, and it isn't even that visible in real life, but it just catches a bit more light and brightens the bag up a bit more. The wool flannel seems to absorb all light around it, so I need do do what I can to counteract that a bit.

I fused both the front and the back of the bag to fusible fleece so it will have a bit more heft. I also managed to sew the bag together incorrectly three times. I inserted a light blue zipper at the top in only two attempts.

I still need to write a translation of the text on the outside onto the lining and then insert the lining into the bag. This bag is slightly ahead of schedule which is a good thing.

We were invited to Shabbat dinner at a friend's so I gained an extra work day. Hurray!!

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  1. Very good! well done. I saw the post the other day, but couldn't see the photo. but it showed up this time. I was looking forward to seeing it complete. I really like it. I am sure the lad will think it quite "cool" "bad" "sick" or whatever the current word for "great" is at present! LOL.


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