a giant box of goodies

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arrived at my door yesterday.

My friend Mori, works for Victoria's Secret. They have an annual sample sale for their corporate employees. While many of their employees grab the clothing during the sale, Mori selected fabric samples and trims for me.

The fabric samples are 11 x 18 inches for the larger ones and about 11 x 10 inches for the smaller ones. Any ideas about what to do with them???? I was thinking that I could piece several into a shirt. Any other ideas out there??

The trims are amazing. The metal chain surrounded with black crochet is screaming to be shoulder straps for something. The wide black eyelet just sets my head spinning., overlay, hem on a black skirt...The ideas keep coming.

This terrific gift was a thank you for me and for my husband ( who will get to see me in garments made from this treasure trove). We helped her son before his bar mitzvah by studying traditional commentators with him ( me) and using what he had learned to write his talk ( my husband).


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