Third Time's the Charm

The summer my father was dying, I got this fabric as part of a mystery bundle from I don't think I would have chosen a stretch cotton twill in army green for myself. I made it into a short sheath dress. It was a little on the short side, but was wearable with tights and flats. Never the less, I was less than comfortable with how short it was. (My legs aren't that terrific)

So nn an attempt to make the dress a bit more wearable, I added a length of the sheer netting the I had made the "pond scum dress" out of. It was not much of an improvement.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled the not fabulous dress out of my closet and started to rummage in my fabric stash. I found some of the suede cloth that my friend Deb had sent me from her late mother in law's large fabric stash. Tan suede cloth isn't my idea of fantasy fabric either. But since all of the fabric I was working with was either free or nearly so, I decided to forge forward. I added a band in the suede cloth and then a large circular ruffle to the suede cloth band. The suede cloth and the army green twill looked good together.

I already had a suede belt with a silver and turquoise buckle that I had picked up at a thrift store. I tried the belt on with the dress and it looked sharp. When I had initially made the dress I made the armcye too high. It made the dress not that comfortable to wear. I lowered the armscye and now the dress is comfortable.

So there it is, my third attempt at making this dress wearable worked. The dress is now cute.

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