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Last week I got on the subway and sat down. the woman sitting next to me turned to me and said, " Do you mind if I ask you a question? ". I thought that she might be trying to hit me up for money, but I told her to go ahead.

" I am sixty one years old and have been having vaginal bleeding. Do you think I have cancer? " I hadn't expected that question, and it wasn't like I was wearing a sign that said " Ask me all of your medical questions." I told her that it might be cancer, or it might be any of a number of other things like, a bladder infection or polyps or even something else, but I wasn't a doctor, just a lady on the subway, so she might want to talk to a doctor about that bleeding.

So then my seat partner discussed the possibility of going to the ER about her bleeding. I suggested that it might not be the best idea in the world, because ER doctors are probably better at heart attacks, gunshot would and broken bones than they are at gynecological issues. She agreed.

We both got off the subway at 42nd street.


  1. unfortunately in this country, maybe the poor woman had no access to health care because she can't afford it and has no big business insurance.

  2. We actually did discuss her insurance.She had Medicare. I also mentioned to her the really excellent Ryan Health Clinic around the corner from my house. She didn't know about it, and was delighted to hear about it and planned to check it out. I know that one pays on a sliding scale there. I have one friened who is an administrator there, and another friend who is a very happy client.

    There are good, but imperfect resources here in New York. Probably people are not educated enough about their various options.

  3. I believe you were this woman's angel for the day! She may now receive the medical care she needs because of your generosity! God bless you!


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