Miriam and Jacob

Miriam, and her son, Jacob, who had taken my spring semester tallit making workshop at Ansche Chesed, came by this morning to tie their tzitzit. The way the workshop was structured, students selected a verse, or verses from their torah reading and then painted the neckband/atara and the corner pieces/pinot. Students selected the base fabric for their tallit and then i put the whole thing together. The last step is tying the tzitzit.
This is a close up of Miriam tying her tzitzit. She chose a wonderful purple for her tallit. She tied the tzitzit for two of her corners ( She had to get to work.) and took her tallit home to finish it there. When I have photos of the completed tallit I will post them.

Jacob decided to use techelet, the murex dyed blue wrapping thread for tying his tzitit.

You can see some of the lovely decorative stitching on the edge of the pinah/corner piece. That diamond stitch is just so pretty.

Another view of Miriam tying her tzitzit.


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