further progress on Hannah's tallit

This is the atara/neckband for Hannah's tallit. The base fabric is a metallic silk shantung. The photographs don't convey just how shiny this fabric is. Think tin foil and that will be almost right.

I hadn't expected that this metallic fabric would take paint. My usual experience with metallic fabrics is that dye just beads up ad disappears. But it takes the color just beautifully.

I fused the metallic shantung to a fusible batting and then did both bobbin quilting and regular quilting using a meander stitch.

Hanna lives in my building. She has been asking me questions about her Torah reading. We may sit down and study it together looking at traditional sources. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working with Hannah? What a pleasure to work with a kid who is thinking all of the time.

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