driving me to crazy

When my oldest was little she used to complain that I was "Driving her to crazy." That is in fact where this foot pedal odyssey has driven me.

At noon, New York time, I called the lovely Carl at www.vac&sew.com. He talked me through opening up the foot pedal so I could attach it to the electrical wires. As he asked me to describe the innards, it was clear that I had a model that he was unused to. So Carl had the brilliant idea that I send him a digital photo of the circuit board. I did. I got one of those annoying postmaster messages that the message was too large. I tried several different ways of sending the message to Carl. In desperation, I had my husband send Carl a message...that too got a postmaster message.

I called Carl. He tried to send himself an email. His email was broken. So that was an hour wasted. I then posted the photo here on my blog, and sent Carl to look at the photo. Now he was ready to resume instruction. I got out my needle nose pliers, and wire cutters, the tools I assumed I would need.

Carl asked if I had a soldering iron and solder. Sorry Carl, I live in new York apartment where most folks send out for coffee. I do not have a soldering iron. The foot pedal did come with metal clips. Carl walked me through getting the wires into the little metal clips and hooking everything up. This actually went well.

The moment of truth had arrived. I closed up the foot pedal and attached it to the machine. It lit up...but didn't go. I didn't have a foot pedal problem, but a motor problem. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! I will have to take my machine out to Brooklyn after all to get it fixed. I just bought a machine on line...it ought to be here by the end of the week.

And yes, I have been driven to crazy.

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