getting to work on Hannah's Tallit

The silk for Hannah's tallit arrived yesterday. The colors are beautiful, but the darker color is much darker than it was in my sample book. I suppose I could have called up my silk supplier and screamed ant yelled at them. Actually, I hadn't thought of doing that, nor do I think it would have helped a whole lot. They can't create a color that they don't have in stock.

Instead, I realized that if I bordered the darker silk with the silver shantung that we are also using in this piece, the color balance Hannah was looking for would be restored. I don't think that Hannah will mind that she is getting a fancier, more complex stripe than what I had sketched out.

I am still awaiting my new foot pedal, so there is only so much work I can do with just the serger. I'm getting itchy for that foot pedal. I can't wait to really be able to get back to work.

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