the continuing saga of my sewing machine foot pedal

I had ordered a new foot pedal from a lovely sew & vac operation in California. They had to special order the piece and splice it to the power cord. I got an email from them ages ago saying that it had been Fed-Exed to me. so far so good.

I unearthed my sister's circa 1971 Kenmore machine and began using that, until THAT foot pedal too bit the dust. So I was back to waiting for the foot pedal from California.

So every day when I go to pick up my mail in the lobby, I ask the doorman if I have any packages. occasionally, there were packages, but none were the foot pedal. It's a little hard to sew without a sewing machine. There are lots of things that a serger can do, but I really need my machine.

Yesterday I called the sew & vac people in California, they promised to get back to me. Today I called Fed-Ex. I called to sew & vac people back today. Apparently, Fed-Ex had picked up the foot pedal, and got it as far as a facility ten miles away, and there it had been hanging out for the last few weeks. Fed-Ex had told the sew & vac folks they would deliver for free. I played cranky New York lady and asked for next day delivery for the cost of ground delivery. Actually, I wasn't that cranky, I used my secret weapon of goofy outrage. It worked. they yanked the foot pedal off the truck and re routed it to the airport.

I plan to be sewing on Friday.


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