A baby gift

I made this blanket and jacket set for my neighbor's new baby. I knew that it was a hit when my two macho sons started cooing " That is so cuuuute.", with no irony in their voices. My daughter asked me to make her a similar jacket in her size, but there isn't enough dalmation spot fabric left for that.

The blanket is self lined. The jacket is lined in a cushy white cotton knit. I didn't use a pattern but rather a simple dolman sleeved shape. I guestimated the size. It ought to fit the baby at some point

All of the fabrics came by way of http://www.fabricmart.com/ knit bundles. When I first unwrapped the dalmation fabric, I thought, " Cute, but not for me.". I'm glad I had it around for baby duds. Gotta love them bundles. I also liked that it was a relatively quick present to make.

My kids are begging me to make their as yet, non-existent children clothing. I assume that their kids will have lots of really goofy clothes made by me. I am a firm believer in dressing infants in amusing clothing. Living with infants is HARD. They may as well be fun to look at.

My neighbor, Oscar, delivered a bag of clothing that he had hi8s wife had tired of. Most of the garments are perfect for my daughter. Among the treasures in the bag was a wool/silk blend twinset in a baby pink. I just over-dyed the twin set and a pair of little white gloves blue. The package of powder called it "royal blue", looks more like a grey tinged blue to me. Either way, it works better for me than the soft pink. I can post the results tomorrow.

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  1. Ok, you're really tempting me with the Fabric Mart knit bundles. Love that jacket!


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