the next sewing lesson

This week we attached the bottom two tiers of curcular ruffles to the dress. Since the first tier went in perfectly, I assumed that the second would as well. I was wrong. So a bunch of unpicking later, we pinned the tier and my student sewed it . As she was working I realized that a normal sewing teacher woud not have a beginner sewing a knit to a woven so early in the learning process, but since I hadn't told my student that this was potentially difficult she did fine.

For the bottom tier, I showed my student the magic of quarter marking. We marked both the dress and the chiffon ruffle and it was really easy for it to come together.

I have been using a large piece of sidewalk chalk for marking. the chalk was left over from my now 18 year old's fifth birthday party. My student commented , " The great thing about marking with chalk is that the marks come out so easily. That is also the terrible thing about the chalk."

My student is going to zig zag around the hems of all of the chiffon ruffles between now and her next lesson. During the next lesson we will play with the shape of the bodice. It n3eeds some darting at the shoulder, a slightly deeper neckline and we also need to edge the neckline. I love how chic this dress is. It is entirley my student's design. She plans to wear it to a Bat Mitzvah party. It will look great while she is dancing.
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