My son's tallit--done enough to use

Last night, I finished making the eyelets for my son's tallit. Today he was home sick so we took advantagwe of the time together and we tied the tzitzit. He had a bit of trouble at the beginning getting the wraps right, but he worked really carefully and the results were beautiful.

When he was done, we recited together the verses that yo say when you put on a tallit. he said the b'racha/blessing and then the Shehechiyanu. Seeing my youngest in his tallit, my father no longer alive to see the moment...Yup, I burst into sobs.

You can see the corners of my son's mouth pulled a bit funny in that moment of high emotion. I hadn't expected quite that explosion of sobs. I don't think that he did either.

And then the back view. The atara/neckband is still not completed. I still have a week. And I still need to make him a bag. Monday he reads from the Torah at morning services, and then again on Thursday.


  1. What a happy passage in your lives....Mazeltov!

    Pam ~Off The Cuff~


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