Morning Minyan

The Chapel at Ansche Chesed

I never expected to love going to morning minyan as much as I do. One of the things that makes me enjoy going to morning services is simply the richness of the texts that we recite each morning. Just having those wonderful words from Psalms coming out of my mouth is a pleasure. As you go through the service, fabulous images go whizzing by as if you are standing on a curb next to a highway with cars going at top speed. Each day, different words glimmer out at you.

Another great pleasure of going to morning minyan is the other people in the room. it is quite a lovely community. Right now there are several people who are regulars who are really good at tending to the needs of others. Steve will notice if the person leading has a sore throat and could use a cup of water. Meyer made sure that Iris who has trouble holding her prayerbook has a lectern handy so she can rest her book on the lectern during the standing parts of the service. Randy and Michelle will ask bout what is going on in your life or will greet new-comers really warmly.

If someone looks particularly sad while saying kaddish, someone will wander over and sit next to them. If you sneeze, someone will hand you a box of tissues.

After services, most mornings, some members of the minyan will go to the diner on the corner for breakfast and conversation. For some of our members, the combination of services and breakfast has served as an ad-hoc bereavement support group. One of our stalwarts, Yocheved recently had a fall and needed surgery. A couple of times we brought breakfast to her apartment down the hill.

Now, while she can walk, the hill from her house to the synagogue is too difficult for her to manage. Different minyan members have been wheeling her up the hill in a wheel chair. I love how Yocheved's return has made us all so happy.

Next Monday and Thursday, my youngest will be reading Torah at morning minyan. Sort of the real, no frills Bar- Mitzvah before the excitement of his Shabbat Bar mitzvah. It feels very important to me that his Bar- Mitzvah begin in the warm, close morning minyan community.


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