Some work in progress

Sara Xing is a kid of definite opinions. Her Bat Mitzvah reading is Sh'mot, the beginning of the book of Exodus. she wanted her tallit to show the two big events early in the life of Moses, the first is the Moses in the rushes, the second, the burning bush.

I constructed both scenes using a basic fabric collage method. I drew the design onto iron on interfacing, ironed down the major pieces and then stitched everything down. Sara Xing wanted a crisp and graphic look and this is a great way to accomplish that look. I used to use this method all of the time, it was nice to revisit it for this piece. trhe scenes from Moses' life wil make up the "stripe" elements of the tallit.

I usually love to be accurate in my work so I Google searched "Nile Reeds". Well, the reeds that actullly hang out by the Nile river are pretty hairy and undisdisnguished looking. So I decided to go with New England bull-rushes instead. They look a whole lot cuter. I had some lovely deep brown suede which would have been perfect for the brown bull -rush tops, but Sara Xinbg's parents are vegetarian, so a dark brown velvet will have to do.
I plan to add a little round mouth on Baby Moses.


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