I suppose that I could pretend that each time I touch fabric, what comes out is prefection itself. But the reality is that I make mistakes all of the time. I mean, all of the time. Take Sara Xing's tallit, as an example. Some pieces of the tallit came together just so easily. Piecing the scenes, was frankly, a piece of cake. Not one curse passed my lips as I was making them.

Cutting the black silk has been hard. In order to get the cutting line exact I have to pull a thread and then cut along the line left by the missing thread. Unfortunately, the silk is woven out of so many fine strands of silk that it is really hard to see that nearly invisible line so I can cut it. If I pretend to have x-ray vision it helps a bit.

Attaching the black silk "frames" around then pictorial scenes I ran into trouble of my own making. For years I had struggles with a lemon of a serger. My repair guy helped me avoid troubles by fixing the blade in the on only position. The serger was like one of those OCD people who simply hate any variation in their schedules. Although it had four thread capabilites, it didn't like changing to being used with only three threads. So I kept it set up only for three threads. needless to say, it was not the most useful or user freindly serger .

Finally after coaxing every bit of useablility out of the machine it had one last breakdown and I tossed it and got a new one from Sears. My new spry serger is a pleasure to use. The knife actually cuts most fabrics without balking. The knife even adjusts and is willing to be moved out of use allowing me to do more nifty stuff with the serger. And this leads to my tallit troubles. I neglected to put that serger knife up and while doing the bottom frame on the burning bush side of the tallit and was suddenly faced with all sorts of complaining from the serger. It took me way too long to figure out what the problem was. .

The end result was not terrible, but given the crisp and graphic look of the piece, far from ideal. I realized that I had to do my least favorite thing...unsewing. So that's where I am.

It took me a day of having the problem on the back burner of my brain befor I could figure out a solution. So now I'm working on that fix. Yes I will post thotos of the fix...and hopefully the completed piece.


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